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October 2014
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As a speaker, what do you want to be known for? How tight and clear is this picture in your head...and, more importantly, what about within the minds of those you'd like to influence?

It's a fact. Creating a personal brand has become increasingly important for executives and professionals in every walk of life and within businesses of every size. The lines between corporate personalities and those of the people who promote - or who are seen as the face of - businesses have become blurred.

But, where do you start this journey and what does it take to create a winning, turbocharged personal brand?

Glad you asked. In today's expert interview, I have the opportunity to chat with one of my marketing mastermind friends from across the Atlantic about this and more. And, on that note, it's my pleasure to introduce you to branding guru and author of the recently published 'Your Branding Edge', Rahna Bathelmess. Listen in as we talk about:

    Who needs a personal brand in the first placeWhat goes into creating a brand personality that gets you noticedThe essential anchor you need to establish before you develop a thingWhy the word story needs to be front and centre in your thinkingPitfalls you must avoidA truth you need to know about how audiences will percieve the brand of youAnd more


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Discover how to get more out of your online networking, to cultivate better and meaningful business connections, and what it takes to extend your online relationships into conversations and actions offline.

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Eamonn O'Brien interviews digital marketing evangelist and founder of, Mark Scully about creating a community for nurturing, developing, and sharing digital marketing knowledge and experience among businesses of all sizes in Ireland.

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Public speaking master Eamonn O'Brien speaks with digital marketing strategist and mentor Krishna De about: Why Today's Leaders Must Hone New Communication Skills.

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