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Leaders - learn how you can use some simple active listening strategies to hear more personal stories that matter and really should be shared from work, rest, and play.

In today’s interview I’m delighted to speak with a pal and fellow-specialist in business storytelling, who is an author, trainer, recipient of the internationally acclaimed designations of Certified Professional Speaker and Global Speaking Fellow, and is based in Ontario, Susan Luke Evan.

Lean in as discuss why it is so important to take the time to truly listen to stories that matter to those we most wish to influence and the motivational effects of finding opportunities to share some of these stories with others.

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Leaders - Discover why choosing to gather and share more personal stories (both from others as well as yourself) can help you create a more inclusive, collaborative and cohesive workplace culture.

Business storytelling specialist Eamonn O'Brien chats with one of Europe's leading business psychologists - who's a close friend and a speaker, author, and an expert in leadership without mind games - Dr. Frank Hagenow about why and how leaders can use stories to earn more trust and spur their teams on to achieve their true and full potential (And in the process: achieve stronger, more human and more trusted emotional connection and resonance with all they wish to influence

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Here's a great case study example of story power in action - where stories are used to drive a better culture, results and mentality in the workplace.

Corporate storytelling specialist Eamonn O'Brien speaks with speaker, author of Joy Inc, and chief storyteller, CEO and tour guide at Menlo Innovations Inc about how he has used stories to capture how their software and ways of doing things impact customers, people using their systems and their staff...and how creating a story-centric culture can have such a profound effect on all who hear and share them.

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Here's a great case study example of story power in action - where stories are used to drive a better culture, results and mentality in the workplace.

Corporate storytelling specialist Eamonn O'Brien speaks with speaker, author of Joy Inc, and chief storyteller, CEO and tour guide at Menlo Innovations Inc about how he has used stories to capture how their software and ways of doing things impact customers, people using their systems and their staff...and how creating a story-centric culture can have such a profound effect on all who hear and share them.

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Master of public speaking and corporate storytelling expert Eamonn O'Brien and entrepreneur, expert on personal influence and author Daniel Priesntly discuss steps speakers can take to boost their influence and impact - both with their audiences and with speaker bookers

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As a speaker, what do you want to be known for? How tight and clear is this picture in your head...and, more importantly, what about within the minds of those you'd like to influence?

It's a fact. Creating a personal brand has become increasingly important for executives and professionals in every walk of life and within businesses of every size. The lines between corporate personalities and those of the people who promote - or who are seen as the face of - businesses have become blurred.

But, where do you start this journey and what does it take to create a winning, turbocharged personal brand?

Glad you asked. In today's expert interview, I have the opportunity to chat with one of my marketing mastermind friends from across the Atlantic about this and more. And, on that note, it's my pleasure to introduce you to branding guru and author of the recently published 'Your Branding Edge', Rahna Bathelmess. Listen in as we talk about:

    Who needs a personal brand in the first placeWhat goes into creating a brand personality that gets you noticedThe essential anchor you need to establish before you develop a thingWhy the word story needs to be front and centre in your thinkingPitfalls you must avoidA truth you need to know about how audiences will percieve the brand of youAnd more


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Discover how to get more out of your online networking, to cultivate better and meaningful business connections, and what it takes to extend your online relationships into conversations and actions offline.

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Eamonn O'Brien interviews digital marketing evangelist and founder of, Mark Scully about creating a community for nurturing, developing, and sharing digital marketing knowledge and experience among businesses of all sizes in Ireland.

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Public speaking master Eamonn O'Brien speaks with digital marketing strategist and mentor Krishna De about: Why Today's Leaders Must Hone New Communication Skills.

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Eamonn O'Brien interviews Life and Business Coach Mary Corbett and they discuss common staff communication issues faced by SME owners and what to do about them.

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Eamonn O'Brien interview personal trainer Matt Corbett of about what it really takes to get physical fitness results (and how these lessons can be applied by those who'd like to boost their public speaking abilities).

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Public speaking mentor Eamonn O'Brien interviews techpreneur Chris Byrne of SensorPro about why startups need to think beyond big ideas to win investments.



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Sufefire ways to Capture Photos That Can Boost Your Impact as a Speaker

Listen in as Eamonn O'Brien interviews professional protographer Justin Mac Innes about what it takes to capture photos that engage and inspire others.

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Eamonn O'Brien interviews video coach Lottie Hearn about when, why and how speakers should use video to boost the impact of their speeches.

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Should you favour stories over facts when you take to the podium?

Sure, you will need both as a speaker...

...but here are some case in point thoughts on why giving the nod to stories can boost your ability to truly engage your audiences.

In today's podcast interview, I'm delighted to welcome Oisin Browne, author of the popular book 'The Binman's Guide to Selling', on how storytelling can help your audience to see more value in your ideas and words.

Why Storytelling Can Make Your Ideas More Interesting and Memorable

Listen in as we chat about:

  • How you can learn from those who sell in industries other than your own
  • Why storytellng matters when you want to promote products or ideas
  • The secret to using stories to connect emotionally with any audience
  • Why stories must be authentic to carry more weight
  • Details versus stories. Which should win out and why?
  • Why your motivations must be clear to your audience
  • Key lessons you can learn from successful salespeople
  • Why focusing on what you do best is a winning strategy
  • Three maxims everyone who'd like to persuade should take on board
  • And more
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As video marketing is playing an increasingly important role in creating visibility for SMEs...Are you on board yet?

In this third episode of The Reluctant Speakers Club 'Be Heard and Noticed' Podcast, your host Eamonn O'Brien chats with James Keating, The SME Video Guy, about:

  • Why SMEs need to bother with video marketing in the first place
  • What you need to know to get started
  • How sophisticated you need to be
  • Tops tips for creating a compelling video
  • Rookie mistakes you need to avoid
  • Step by step advice to help you turn your ideas into a final product
  • And more
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